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Welcome to GIFT∙OLOGY. If you’re looking for software, swag, or cheap gift ideas? You won’t find them here. We are a premium gift marketing agency that creates relationship plans on your behalf.

What is a relationship plan?

It’s a gifting campaign – either one, unforgettable, relationship-defining ‘love bomb’ gift – or a series of gifts, given over the course of a year. Delivered at strategic times to your most important, professional, relationships. The people that keep you in business: your best customers, mentors, referral partners, and (if you’re an executive or owner) your VIP employees.

Since the pandemic, many software companies have attempted to disrupt the gifting industry by making it easy to send low-quality gifts. We do the opposite. We believe that gifts should be practical, world-class, personalized, and accompanied by a handwritten note. Gifts should become heirlooms. Not eaten, drank, spent, wilted, or made obsolete.

Our philosophy:

Don’t gift anything that won’t be used, loved, and treasured forever.

The average single gift price: north of $200 (but up to 100x that)

Campaigns range from: $20K – $200K (paid in chunks, at the time of delivery).

All gifts will have your name on them. Not ours. Think of us as a team of executive assistants. Whose philosophies have been proven-by-science and refined-in-practice over the last 20 years.

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