In this Outperform podcast episode, Acceleration Partners founder Robert Glazer talks with John about all these benefits of gifting as well as common gifting gaffes.

Show Notes

  • How John got to be one of the top sellers of Cutco knives
  • What is gifting (and what’s not)
  • Why John sent a partner prospect 18 gifts over 18 months
  • How most companies handle their gifting and why it doesn’t have an impact
  • Why companies spend big commission on sales guys but fail to acknowledge those who send them referrals
  • Common misunderstandings and mishaps around gifting
  • Why John doesn’t recommend sending a gift right after being sent a referral
  • Workarounds for companies that can’t receive gifts
  • How to spend a $1 and get $100 of impact
  • One of the best gifts John’s ever been given

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